A Very Useful Shortcut

I’ve never been geeky enough to figure out just what to do with shortcuts on my iPhone. For awhile I had one that would set a timer for six minutes, the time required to steep my ginger lemon tea to the strength I prefer. Somehow I messed that up and it doesn’t appear any more.

Below is a link to someone’s blog who describes a very useful shortcut. He describes it step by step.

Have you ever wanted to receive a notification when your i-device is fully charged? Well, it isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but this was something I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t included in iOS by default. Since it isn’t included, I did this shortcut on my iPhone. Here’s the link:

How to get a notification when your iPhone or iPad is fully charged


  1. If I ever figure out what I need done, I’ll give you a shout. That’s the problem, I just don’t realize what all can be done with shortcuts.

  2. I would be glad to help had I noticed you asking about it. Anyway, you now appear to have a solution but I would still be happy to help as much as I can if you want to create any other shortcut or automation.

  3. Yes, been using such a self-made automation for some time. Such things are quite handy. I used to look for apps that would do the very same task but now there’s no need for them. And I also have some automations that switch off LTE when the battery level drops to/below 20%, and switch it back on when it reaches 70%.
    I have also experimented with such automations as one that toggles airplane mode on when it’s bed time, and one asking me to switch it off when I mute my wakeup alarm.

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