A Very Useful Shortcut

I’ve never been geeky enough to figure out just what to do with shortcuts on my iPhone. For awhile I had one that would set a timer for six minutes, the time required to steep my ginger lemon tea to the strength I prefer. Somehow I messed that up and it doesn’t appear any more.… Continue reading A Very Useful Shortcut

Today Is the Big Day!

Well, today I fired up Super Egg Hunt, and as expected I got the birthday trophy. Also, as expected, I got the grand master trophy. I think I’ve said in a blog entry or comment that I’ve owned this game, the paid version that is, ever since 2012 when it first arrived on the scene.… Continue reading Today Is the Big Day!

Audacity Nonsense

I got the Audacity bug again. Last night I downloaded 3.1.3, the latest, and the libraries from the other site. The log still shows unsuccessful operations relating to the libraries, but when I did a test recording, one of the export options was something that’s included in the libraries, so they appear to be working,… Continue reading Audacity Nonsense

Big Sigh of Relief!

I think it was last year when I first read that my bank was being sucked up by another one. Oh my, I thought, will the website still be accessible? My old bank had done things to make the site less accessible, like introducing Google ReCAPTCHA, and a few more ratty things like that. Time… Continue reading Big Sigh of Relief!

Scoreboards Cleared

What, you may ask, am I talking about? While going through tweets this morning I saw that Liam, the developer of Super Egg Hunt and other lovely games, has finally succeeded in clearing all of the Super Egg scoreboards. This allowed me to open up Super Egg and post all my scores that I’d been… Continue reading Scoreboards Cleared

A New Game

Hi, it’s me again. Well, who did you think it would be, ha ha. The day before yesterday I received a strange message in i-messages from a very good friend of mine. It simply told me to launch Game Center to enable the making of friends. I ignored it, not knowing what it was all… Continue reading A New Game

More iPhone Game Talk

Well, in the post that started this discussion, I neglected to say anything about Fruitpot. That game is free but there are things you can purchase, but absolutely, that is not necessary to get the full enjoyment out of the game. Naturally, it isn’t as action-packed as Feer, but if you like slot machine-type games,… Continue reading More iPhone Game Talk

iPhone Game Talk

It won’t be much talk because I only have two games on my iPhone, Fruitpot and Feer. Well, I play Dice World too, but my focus for this blog entry is the two games I mentioned. I got Fruitpot first, then wife Eva heard of Feer from somewhere. She bought it for herself and she… Continue reading iPhone Game Talk