Today Is the Big Day!

Well, today I fired up Super Egg Hunt, and as expected I got the birthday trophy. Also, as expected, I got the grand master trophy. I think I’ve said in a blog entry or comment that I’ve owned this game, the paid version that is, ever since 2012 when it first arrived on the scene. So, I’m very pleased to have finally succeeded in getting all 92 trophies!

If anyone wants a spoiler, to listen to what the grand master trophy sounds like, just hit tab and you’ll hear the recording I made. On my old computer, I’d gotten the birthday trophy before, so I knew what to expect, but of course I didn’t know what was coming for the grand master. Now I do.


  1. am i actually right? My impression is he said he’d be working on superliam 2 when ever that now was but he canceled or never released it or something?

  2. Let me add that Dragon Pong is free and has good crowd sounds. And I don’t really think its developer paid for them.
    Well, okay, the airplane takeoff sound used in the spaceship scene in Super Liam, could be paid, but even it might be totally free.

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