Scoreboards Cleared

What, you may ask, am I talking about? While going through tweets this morning I saw that Liam, the developer of Super Egg Hunt and other lovely games, has finally succeeded in clearing all of the Super Egg scoreboards. This allowed me to open up Super Egg and post all my scores that I’d been holding onto, waiting for this day to happen. When I did post all my scores, I got three trophies I’d never seen before: three number ones, or the trifecta, seven number ones, or the seven-up trophy, yes, that’s what he’s bleeping out there, and thirteen number ones, or the egg master trophy. I now have eighty-seven trophies, wow!

I still need to get Al’s favorite number, for getting twenty-seventh place on the scoreboard, that works in any mode, the not quite enough, number two on the scoreboards, in any mode, Liam’s birthday, which is May 4. That will take me to ninety. Whatever that next trophy is, it will also give me the ninety-second trophy, the grand master.

May 4 is my only sure bet. Time will tell if I get the others I mentioned, plus that elusive one.


  1. 3D, I guess, is what it always has been. In the Classic mode of today, in Super Egg Hunt, there is the drop when the eggs are behind you, just as it is in all other modes.

  2. Wow, so having no clues as to whether an egg is behind or in front of you, should make things difficult. I wonder how 3-D Egg Hunt would have been, where you truly had the eggs and chicken behind or in front of you.

  3. I’ve had the paid version ever since it came out in 2012. Before that I had various versions of it, even before it was possible to kill the chicken, back in the earlier days of its development. I even had Egg Hunt. One had to tap the arrow keys to move. Holding them down didn’t do anything. Sure, you could move fast but it was harder then to center eggs. There was no drop when the eggs were on rows behind you.

    I’ve been a loyal follower of that game through most of its various developments.

  4. I’m excited, though Al’s favorite number is gonna be hard to get for sure. Getting twenty-seventh place on the scoreboard is really tricky. I did it strictly by accident on my old computer. I probably won’t be that lucky again.

  5. Wait! I just remembered what the elusive trophy is: three’s a crowd, for getting third place on the scoreboard in any mode. So, I basically know all the trophies now, golly!

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