A New Game

Hi, it’s me again. Well, who did you think it would be, ha ha.

The day before yesterday I received a strange message in i-messages from a very good friend of mine. It simply told me to launch Game Center to enable the making of friends. I ignored it, not knowing what it was all about. I had tried to do stuff with Game Center when I first inherited the iPhone 6S from my wife, but I had no luck with it.

Yesterday, though, I received a follow-up message, this time in WhatsApp from that same friend and he told me he’d invited me to a game called Swordy Quest. I had been kicking around the idea of trying that one out but never did so, till yesterday.

I downloaded it and have been playing and playing. It’s monotonous but somehow addictive as well, at least to me.

As of this writing I’ve just started level fourteen, and I’ve fought and killed several enemies. I’ve only had one successful hunt so far.

Being as a friend invited me, by accepting his friend request in Game Center, I joined his clan. There’s just the two of us in that clan, but it enables some things, for instance, the ability to fight battles automatically. This is, however a double-edged sword. One of the goblins I killed drained my stamina down to zero. with auto battle turned off, one can go to the inventory page and eat, drink, whatever, to build up stamina between blows. With auto turned on, well, the fight goes on till somebody dies.

My friend did assure me that one doesn’t really die when one dies. One can wake up again, so I guess that’s something.

I didn’t know what to think about this game when I first got it, but now I can say that I’m glad my friend invited me to it. I do like Swordy Quest a lot!


  1. Also, auto battle isn’t the two-edged sword I thought it would be. It stops if your health or whatever gets too low and you can then go to inventory and chomp something to get your strength and what all back.

  2. I don’t intend to purchase anything either, except with coins I win in the game.

    I’m in level 20 now and still fascinated. There are matching puzzles to do, perfectly accessible. I’ve purchased a donkey and I can travel a bit more. My friend told me there’s other modes of transport that allow one to go farther, and when the first dragon is killed, travel restrictions go away.

    To Diana, your mother? Lol.

  3. I thought you were my mother who went to visit my great-grandmother and I wanted to ask you what time you come back home 😛
    No seriously now. Now I’m too zombie but when my mental memory will be more stable I will try it although I am not a gamer but you activated my curiosity 😀

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