Big Sigh of Relief!

I think it was last year when I first read that my bank was being sucked up by another one. Oh my, I thought, will the website still be accessible? My old bank had done things to make the site less accessible, like introducing Google ReCAPTCHA, and a few more ratty things like that.

Time passed, and then the day finally loomed ever closer. My anxiety built.

Today was the day that I dreaded. With trepidation I started the log-in process. Wait, what is it? My password wasn’t on file, or didn’t seem to be, and I only had one attempt left. I dreaded to think what would happen if I failed that last time, so I clicked on forgot user name or password. After I got the email with the secret code, I was finally able to get my password to what I wanted it to be, and after a bit more fiddling around, I got my security questions how I wanted them to be.

So, a big sigh of relief, the log-in was successful, and very accessible, even more so than on my old bank’s website. The best part? No more Google ReCAPTCHA! I’m very pleased with myself!

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  1. Update: Every time I log into the new site, they have no record of my password so it’s like the first time I log in, every time. So, it does no good to take note of my password, as they tell us to do.

    Also, now that bank is being absorbed by yet another bank, this one in New Jersey. Their stated goal last year was to become one of the largest banks in the south, so, that goal has gone down the drain, and really fast. My flabber is officially gasted.

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