Second Gospel song

This one was made when my voice was corrupted by the super bug described earlier in this blog. The microphone is the good one also described earlier. What I lack in voice I make up for in emotion I reckon. The song is called I’ll Wish I Had Given Him More. I heard this one… Continue reading Second Gospel song


I suppose I should update the Audacity situation, so here goes. The FFMpeg libraries no longer work with the newer versions of Audacity, so, after struggling with this for awhile, I finally deleted Audacity altogether. That was a cool program, but until the libraries are updated to work with the current state of things in… Continue reading Audacity

A Small Update on the German Front

In a further communication to me, my librarian told me that the audio is farther along than is the Braille, which was contracted out to another company. I never would have thought that audio production was faster than Braille.

The iPhone saga

This year, when the new iPhone 13 models were released, we decided to take the plunge and get one for each of us. We decided on the 13 Pro, and she went to the Apple store here to buy hers. She wanted one with 1TB of storage, but what they actually sold her was the… Continue reading The iPhone saga

My Windows Phone, a Eulogy

As long ago as 2008, an event happened in my life. I was still grieving for my late second wife Jane, who had died of sepsis in 2005, and suffering from relentless loneliness, the deep depression consuming me little by little. A long-lost friend appeared out of nowhere and we talked and talked, somewhat revitalizing… Continue reading My Windows Phone, a Eulogy

One Drive and Audacity

Hi! Wow! It has been awhile! The other day I finally succeeded in logging into the One Drive site and clearing everything out. When I first set up this computer I plunked a lot of stuff in what I thought was My Documents. It turned out to be One Drive My Documents so the darned… Continue reading One Drive and Audacity