Unexpected Jewels

Recently, I made a new friend here on Elten. This friend wanted a couple of demos from my Yamaha P-115 digital piano. Before I left the states the second time, well, back in 2012, I bought an expensive, professional Olympus LS-100 recorder. All I seemed to be able to do was mess up the LI50B… Continue reading Unexpected Jewels

Some Reflections

Here I am again. The latest thing I’ve been thinking about is maybe putting some of my music up on this blog. I am sort of proud of it, though it is flawed by the equipment, mainly the microphone I had for most of the recordings. By the time I got a good microphone I’d… Continue reading Some Reflections

On to Other Things

All I have to say about Orbit Research is something sort of unrelated. I joined an email group about it. The email group isn’t sponsored by them but there are support people from them hanging out there, and, who knows, I might get something out of it. My favorite audio game has to be Super… Continue reading On to Other Things

More Loose Ends

Well, it has been awhile. I’ve been batting the bootloader question back and forth with Orbit Research tech support and I finally got an answer that makes dubious sense. After being told lies about their website having the up to date version of the bootloader software, which I disproved more than once, after being told… Continue reading More Loose Ends

Just Some Loose Ends

In the previous post I said something about reinstalling the boot loader but that didn’t work. I found out today why. I closely compared the version I have with the one on the support site, and the one on the support site is an earlier version, so evidently the boot loader won’t roll back to… Continue reading Just Some Loose Ends

Really Good News!

Not hearing something from Flusoft, I suppose they didn’t hear anything from whomever they wrote, anyway, with not much hope I took the display out of the packaging and started fiddling with it. I was at a standstill till my wife Eva came up with an idea. She conjectured that there may not be any… Continue reading Really Good News!

A Bit about Me

"Just the facts, ma’am." Okay, even though I ain’t a ma’am. I was born in 1955 in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. I lived in and around that area for a good part of my life, but later moved eastward to the Monroe/West Monroe area. If someone had told me I’d first live in Wales,… Continue reading A Bit about Me

Some Progress

My wife finally got an email from Flusoft, and they have contacted APH, or maybe Orbit Research. (Those two partnered to make the Orbit Reader.) Flusoft will know nothing until they hear back from whomever they’ve contacted. So now, it’s just sit and wait for whatever they’ll find out. Flusoft will eventually carry the Orbit… Continue reading Some Progress

No Movement

Well, it’s Wednesday and there has been no reply from Flusoft concerning what I might could try to revive my dead Orbit Reader 20. Other than that, life is going on. We had a nice little outing near here, since thunderstorms were to come, and they did, sort of. So here I am, pestering this… Continue reading No Movement