More iPhone Game Talk

Well, in the post that started this discussion, I neglected to say anything about Fruitpot. That game is free but there are things you can purchase, but absolutely, that is not necessary to get the full enjoyment out of the game. Naturally, it isn’t as action-packed as Feer, but if you like slot machine-type games, Fruitpot will more than suffice. The real fun begins after you buy out all the stores, which does take awhile unless you just can’t wait and purchase lots of chips, which I’ve never done. At any rate, after you buy out all the stores, you’ve won the game and can then buy out as many stores as you want. This means that after you buy out a store at this juncture, the store resets so you can buy it out again, getting the symbol again and again for that store. I concentrate on getting the watermelon, available at the Motorcycle store, and the pineapple, available at the aircraft store. That one is far more expensive in chips than is the watermelon. Those two are extra fruit that aren’t available when you first start playing the game.

There are some extra goodies in the game, and well worth exploring.

Fruitpot was taken from the app store for awhile but I’m glad to say it’s back now. There was a purge of gambling games for a time for some reason.

Anyway, that pretty much caps off my discussion of my two iPhone games.

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