iPhone Game Talk

It won’t be much talk because I only have two games on my iPhone, Fruitpot and Feer. Well, I play Dice World too, but my focus for this blog entry is the two games I mentioned. I got Fruitpot first, then wife Eva heard of Feer from somewhere. She bought it for herself and she really loved it, so, back then I had the means to purchase stuff with a card she no longer has, and I really love it too!

There are two purchases related to Feer, one of them is optional. There’s a factory theme you can buy, but of course it isn’t necessary. The factory has bridges which do make things more challenging.

In this entry I will attach a recording of me playing in the forest, the default theme, and in the next one I’ll put the shorter one of me playing in the factory. I wasn’t a very good player back then.

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